Environmentally responsible furniture

Sofa Style Shop is dedicated to pursuing environmentally-responsible manufacturing. We continuously monitor the
market to provide our clients with the most current sustainable options.


T h e M a t e r i a l s 

100% of the wood used in our manufacturing process is certified through the Forest Stewardship Council and
the Sustainable Forestry Initiative ensuring responsible forest management practices.
Sofa Style Shop uses Reflex Natural foam, the most environmentally responsible
foam product on the market that meets high-end functional standards
of comfort and durability.
• Contains plant based renewable, raw materials that replace
significant amounts of the petroleum-based materials
• Is produced using a virtually emission-free process
• Contains organic, halogen-free fire retardants
Fabric/ Leather
70% of fabric and leather used on My Modern Sofa furniture is C.O.M.. Designers as well as private clients therefore
have the freedom to choose a material that conforms to their own environmental
standards. We represent several fabric lines that offer sustainable solutions.

Our wood glues are water-based, low-toxicity, low-VOC (0.2%/wt)

Metal Components
All metal components are made of 70% recycled metal.


T h e P r o c e s s 
• As a local manufacturer, My Modern Sofa an environmentally conscious choice.
This is a significant factor for meeting “green” goals.
• No water is used in the production process.
• Pacific recycles all scrap foam though a local company that makes carpet pad.
• Plywood waste is minimized though the use of computer-guided cutting.
• All employees are paid a fair living wage, and safety precautions are upheld.
O n  t h e  H o r i z o n 
• We are currently researching a water-based low-VOC polyurethane. This will available very soon.
• We are choosing an avenue to recycle both scrap fabric and scrap wood.
• We will also offer CARB-compliant plywood as soon as a suitable product becomes available on the market.