Why choose quality furniture?

When looking to settle down, a common question arises: what do I want my furniture to look like? How you furnish your home is important. Instead of a cookie-cutter furnishing option collecting furniture from around friends and family, generic chain stores, or Ikea, most people would prefer their furniture to be an expression of their personality and style. Increasingly, people are beginning to realize the advantages of investing in quality hand made  furniture.

button tufted leather chesterfield sofa custom made by hand

Not only does purchasing quality furniture hand crafted from solid wood, plethora of beautiful fabrics and leathers to choose from enables you to personalize your home’s decor with the design and comfort you choose, it pays off in the long run. Y-Jean Mun-Delsalle, contributing writer to Forbes, says that we are entering a new era of design. “Homeowners these days are purchasing investment pieces for their interiors that will look just as good in 50 years’ time as they do today.”

This new trend towards choosing design over cheap, disposable furniture is in reaction to years and years of buying mass produced furniture.


Not so long ago, people invested in quality furniture. They didn’t buy the cheap sofa at their local department store. They invested in furniture that would not only last for their lifetime, but for their children’s, as well. These people, our parents and grandparents, realized the value of investing in furniture that would last. Not only did buying custom, handmade furniture mean saving a lot of money in the long run, it also ensured that the furniture would be unique. Custom made furniture stays relevant long after it is purchased, because it is a piece of art.


People are realizing the need not only for custom made furniture, but the need for design.


The 2000s are seeing a rise in design. Just as important to homeowners as to businessmen, design is changing the way we spend and invest. Products made by Apple and other game changing industry leaders have set a new standard for how everyday objects look. We have moved beyond technology for technology’s sake, and into a world of aesthetically appealing objects. Just look at this list of best product designs from 2016 to get a feel for how design is changing how consumers spend.


Sofa Style Shop is bringing quality furniture to Arizona and the whole United States.


Sofa Style Shop was founded in 2003 and is devoted to creating high quality masterpieces out of best materials on the market. Our furniture is not only for big corporations or private millionaires –we are for anyone looking to add value and design to their home.

Custom made hand tufted sectional sofa

We understand the personal touch furniture adds to a home –the furniture you choose is deeply connected with your own personal expression. Even more than this, the furniture you choose to fill your home with has a subconscious effect on its inhabitants. Choosing what furniture to invest in might just be one of the biggest choices you make as a homeowner.


Want custom made furniture that is as much a work of art as it is timeless and comfortable? Visit www.sofastyleshop.com and browse our custom made pieces.

Where is our client

All of our furniture are made locally in Phoenix, AZ, United States using environmentally responsible manufacturing process.

We use only the highest quality materials to create lifetime pieces for you and your family to enjoy.

Our production includes international team of hard working individuals who’s expertise is found second to none in the business.

We are proud to support local economy and businesses as well as be the leader in furniture production in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Glendale, Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Anthem, Queen Creek, Tempe, Mesa, Apache Junction, Fountain Hills, Ahwatukee and more!

However, the biggest percentage of our custom sofas goes to clients in New York, Chicago, Miami, New Hampshire, Hartford, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, Washington DC, and Boston.

The process of making a round sofa with Sofa Style Shop

How to produce a round sofa?

It takes experienced, skilled sofa frame and upholstery crew to build quality sofa and with a round structure it’s even more difficult but not impossible!

We are proud to have an amazing team of professionals who strive for the best quality of construction and detailed work from the beginning to the end.

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The process of making the sofa
The process of making the sofa
Sofa made to order
Custom Sofa production in Phoenix Arizona


Environmentally responsible furniture

Sofa Style Shop is dedicated to pursuing environmentally-responsible manufacturing. We continuously monitor the
market to provide our clients with the most current sustainable options.


T h e M a t e r i a l s 

100% of the wood used in our manufacturing process is certified through the Forest Stewardship Council and
the Sustainable Forestry Initiative ensuring responsible forest management practices.
Sofa Style Shop uses Reflex Natural foam, the most environmentally responsible
foam product on the market that meets high-end functional standards
of comfort and durability.
• Contains plant based renewable, raw materials that replace
significant amounts of the petroleum-based materials
• Is produced using a virtually emission-free process
• Contains organic, halogen-free fire retardants
Fabric/ Leather
70% of fabric and leather used on My Modern Sofa furniture is C.O.M.. Designers as well as private clients therefore
have the freedom to choose a material that conforms to their own environmental
standards. We represent several fabric lines that offer sustainable solutions.

Our wood glues are water-based, low-toxicity, low-VOC (0.2%/wt)

Metal Components
All metal components are made of 70% recycled metal.


T h e P r o c e s s 
• As a local manufacturer, My Modern Sofa an environmentally conscious choice.
This is a significant factor for meeting “green” goals.
• No water is used in the production process.
• Pacific recycles all scrap foam though a local company that makes carpet pad.
• Plywood waste is minimized though the use of computer-guided cutting.
• All employees are paid a fair living wage, and safety precautions are upheld.
O n  t h e  H o r i z o n 
• We are currently researching a water-based low-VOC polyurethane. This will available very soon.
• We are choosing an avenue to recycle both scrap fabric and scrap wood.
• We will also offer CARB-compliant plywood as soon as a suitable product becomes available on the market.

Buying American Furniture

If you’re sitting on a couch right now or maybe in a comfy recliner, where did it come from? How about your mattress? I am not looking for the store, rather the actual country it was made in? Fact Finders have been taking a look at just how hard, or easy, it is to buy American made products. Tonight, we take a look at the furniture in our homes.

If you walk your way through most furniture stores, the selection can be a little overwhelming. A sea of patterns, sizes and styles can make it pretty hard to pick what might be perfect for you. But if one of your criteria is that it has to be made in America, your job of selecting becomes a little more challenging. That’s wasn’t always the case, in fact a lot of furniture used to be made right here in Michigan. According to Bob McQueen, the store manager of Art Van Furniture in Traverse City, “As a matter of fact Grand Rapids used to be a big furniture area, where they made furniture, but not so much anymore.”

Instead most of the mass produced furniture that fills stores like Art Van, now comes from further away, but not necessarily from overseas. So let’s do a little shopping and see what we can find that is in fact made in the USA. If your looking for a place to sit down, according to Mr. McQueen, that is not a problem, especially when it comes to recliners. He says “You have Lazy Boy, and you have Southern Motion, which are made in the USA. In reclining furniture, you can find USA made furniture.”

As it turns out the same holds true for couches. You can buy an American made couch at just about every price point, but as with so many things we’ve found, you can’t go by name recognition alone. There are some brands that you hear the name, and you think “that’s American, it’s probably made here.” But Mr. McQueen says that’s not always the case, “Take Broyhill, some of Broyhill’s pieces are made in the United States, but some of them are not made in the USA. It depends on which piece you pick from.” So if you find a coach or loveseat you actually love, you have to check out the label, but you certainly do have options.

It’s a little different story when it comes to where you sleep. It’s very easy to slumber on an American made mattress. McQueen points out “every manufacturer I carry here is made in the USA. Matter of fact King Coil is made in Roseville Michigan. Sealy, Simmons, Kings Down, are all made in the USA.” Mattresses are big and heavy, to the point where shipping them from overseas doesn’t make much sense. So finding exactly what you want with a Made in America label is easy to do. (In case you are wondering Tempurpedic’s are made here in the states, but it’s a Swedish owned company.)

Switching gears to all things wood, and it’s an outlook isn’t so cherry when it comes to case goods. In the industry, case goods is the term used to describe items like bedroom sets, dining room sets, cocktail tables, entertainment centers and almost everything else made of wood. While just about every furniture maker that you know offers a line of case goods, most of them aren’t made here at home. Mr. McQueen says the reason has to do with production, “The way they can cut overseas with the laser cutters and our factories are just outdated to keep up. So a lot of manufacturers are cutting the product overseas and then assembling them over here, so it’s working in conjunction with China or Indonesia or whoever.”

A good rule of thumb as a customer, if it has drawers or doors, it’s probably not made here, at least for most big brands. There are some, like Ethan Allen that are still American made, and smaller manufacturers compete on a regional scale. In the Art Van showroom, McQueen says “we have custom line by Gasho. It’s made right here in Michigan. The Mennonite and Amish make it together.” So again, you can buy American, but you have to check each individual item.

And now that you have your furniture, what about the finishing touches? This maybe the hardest American made purchase to make when it comes to outfitting your home. As McQueen puts it “Most accessories most lamps, are pretty much all made overseas.”

While we may think that most manufacturing jobs are headed overseas, some companies are reinvesting in American workers. Art Van just bought and reopened a once closed factory in Hickory, North Carolina to make upholstered goods, a move that is putting 200 workers back on the payroll.

The bottom line with most furniture is that you can buy American, but more so with this than almost any other products I looked at, you have go piece by piece, manufacturer by manufacturer. Along that route think smaller and local companies, you might have a better chance of knowing exactly where the products are made, and where your cash is going.

Custom Round Sofas

Why round sectional sofas?

If you have some space in your house, office, lounge, hotels, or any place that you want to put a sofa in then try putting a round sectional sofa. Round sectional sofas consume only a little amount of space in your area and their style and shape can match well with any house and design. It is also easy to move it around because it can be broken down in to sections. You can also interchange some sections of the sofa depending on your choice of style. If you happen to be visiting a local furniture store, you can actually find a variety of round sectional sofas being displayed. They are in demand these days and because of that you can easily pin point the design(s) that can match your own personality. Other manufacturers give you the option of designing your own sofa allowing you to add a little personal touch of your own.

How to Choose the Best Round Sectional Sofa

Choosing the best sofa could be quite a hassle at times. How can you tell which one’s the best? Is it because of the price? The brand? The design? Sometimes these things are nothing more than just plus factors for the merchandise. Determining the best among the rest is essentially all up to you, but if you feel that you’re still in need of help then here are some tips:

  • Pick something that suits your style and can match your personality. Choosing something which does not go well with your taste will only make things uncomfortable, no matter how expensive or lovely it is. You will just keep changing its position in the house, remodeling your design until you’ll just eventually give up and regret your choice. There are many styles and materials available for you to choose from so take your time and scan the stores well for the one that meets your standards.
  • Check the frame. The frame is very important because it will give you a hint about the sofa’s durability. The best frames for a sofa should be the wooden ones because of their high durability. However, it’s a bit pricey, but it should be worth it because it’s sure to last for several years. Metal frames are also a fine choice, but they become rusty as time passes. Although they are still worth it since they’re quite durable themselves and can be moved easily as well.
  • Check for the cushion and fabric of your chosen sofa. See if it still feels brand new or if the quality hasn’t faded away yet. Cushions can get a little too soft over time. The quality of the cushion depends on your standards for comfort. What may be uneasy for some may actually be just right for you, so in this case use your own judgment to decide.


Choosing a Spot for the Sofa

Choosing the right spot for your sofa can be quite a challenge, and a real dilemma at that. If you have enough available space in your room then try to make a mental sketch of how it (the sofa) would like if you were to place it on that spot. See if you need to move around some of the furniture to give it better aesthetic value. Don’t rush because if you make a mistake you’ll eventually have to start over again, and that can be very frustrating and tedious. So plan ahead of time to make sure you’ll be ready when that moment comes. Sectional sofas are expensive, that’s no mystery, but the comfort and artistic value they’ll give in return will be very much worth it.

By AJWalton